Sunday, March 15, 2009

Remembering Buster...

It has been a week since Buster passed away, and I haven't quite known what (or if) to post. The house seems so quiet without him...Buster was quite the talker. Dobie is still wandering from room to room searching for her companion. Jeff and I realize more each day just how big a role Buster played in our lives...he was Jeff's reliable company when I was away.

So, I dug through some old images of Buster, looking for those silly moments that still crack me up. Buster was either right in your face (literally) or sleeping. Often, he combined these two, and would fall asleep with his nose inches from ours. His favorite spot in the world was either on our chest, or nestled into that cozy nook created by our arm, our neck, and the sofa.

In the days right before he died, Buster spent most of his time by the fireplace, and loved being rubbed as he slept. His little white paws slowly kneaded the air, just as he had done since the day I got him.  Oh, Buster. Old Crooked Head. Butter. We miss you. We know that somewhere, there is a fireplace for you to curl in front of :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

In the shadow of the mountain...

I took a quick work-trip to Colorado Springs this past week. My puddle jumper prop flight from Denver to the Springs was 20 minutes of nauseating chop. Ugh. The flight put me in a bit of an edgy mood, so when the fine folks at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort stuck me in a room with a view of the conference center hallway, I was uncharacteristically high-maintenance and insisted on a move.

My new room had a fine morning view of the infamous Cheyenne Mountain--the home of NORAD. (My only actual knowledge of NORAD is from War Games with plucky Matthew Broderick.)

Shall we play a game?