Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When the seagulls close in...

Although the air was still chilly from our dense morning fog, I just had to walk over to the Ferry Building this afternoon for the final Tuesday farmers market of October. By the time lunch arrived, the fog had burned off, and the market was lit by a warm light.

I started with a warm panini from Boccalone ("tasty salted pig parts"). I leaned against a water-side railing as I ate the sandwich--full of house-made salami and olive tapenade--while two seagulls floated beneath me hoping I would drop morsels. I dared not taunt them. ("Quoth the seagull, 'Nevermore.'")

Enlivened by the fresh air, I grabbed a moist cupcake for dessert from the Miette patisserie. New seagulls arrived...these with a sweet tooth...or sweet beaks.

I squashed a twinge of post-cupcake guilt with a tart Black Twig apple from the Devoto Gardens stand. (Doesn't the rustic look of this apple epitomize autumn?)

Fully warmed by the sun and full from my treats, I grabbed a scrumptious New Orleans iced coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee for my slow stroll back to the office.

How I hate to see October go.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Warm autumn day...

Today started off quite warm, with an intense sun. I snapped this shot on my way for iced lattes...yum. As the sun wanes, the air has taken on a cool, autumn chill.

Another day...another hotel...

This past week, I flew to Seattle for a few meetings and a quick overnight. I was back at the Seattle Grand Hyatt...this time with a view of a brick building with some cool stonework detail.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Random photo...

I was staring at my keyboard...fascinated by the letter 'J'. There is probably some deep psychological issue associated with obsessing about a keyboard.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet island breezes...

I had the good fortune of working in our Honolulu office this past week. I n addition to the warm hospitality of my coworkers, I also enjoyed the chance to unwind in the evenings with Jeff, who joined me for the trip. Jeff got the bonus of wandering around Oahu during the day :)

Still, on the Sunday of our arrival, I was able to get out with Jeff for a casual drive around the island. We snorkeled at Shark's Cove (the #1 photo below), along the famous North Shore. From there, we drove clockwise along the coast, finishing with an evening swim at Jeff's favorite beach in Kailua.

One of our treats that first Sunday was a quick stop at the touristy...but tasty...Dole Plantation. Sure, its meant for kids...but the Dole Whip cones are worth a stop :)

We stayed at the popular Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. Our room had a sunny view back towards downtown Honolulu. In the evenings, we sought out meals with views, and had some savory seafood served with the sounds of the surf. Oh yes...a few Mai Tais.

During the weekdays, my coworker Ken kept me quite busy with meetings, but he always took the time to seek out a cozy local restaurant for lunch. He was careful to push the boundaries of my comfort zone without sending me careening over the line :) A notable afternoon treat was a tapioca tea from a tiny hole in the wall...quite a taste sensation.

The trip reminded us of all the things we love about Hawaii: the scented breezes, sweet sandiches from Stortos, calm evening swims, the rhythmic sounds of the ocean at night...and of course the friendly people.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Class update...

This morning, Jeff and I wrapped up our Saturday morning drawing class today. Although I am certainly not good at drawing figures, I will say that I am a thousand times better than that first class. (We compared before and after shots today, but I can't bring myself to post the before shot here.) We really enjoyed our instructor Linda, and hope to continue with her soon.

For now, here are a couple of shots from this week and last. These are typically 15-minute poses, so please don't expect portraits...although I do believe these look like a man and a woman...so that's a good sign :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Please pardon the interruption while I order another Mai Tai.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Summary of a day...

1. I woke up in a bland hotel room in San Diego...staring at the all-too-familiar sprawl before me.

2. In spite of leaving early for my meeting, I arrived 10 minutes late because each detour I tried to avoid traffic turned out to be worst that the original route.

3. After two years, I was able to try the hole-in-the-wall Boll Weevil restaurant for a greasy lunch...I needed comfort food. (I first spotted this dive on a business trip in 2006.) Out of insane curiosity, I ordered the peanut butter and bacon burger...it was wonderful.

4. Noticed that my Blackberry is possessed. Somehow, it thinks that I have 23 THOUSAND email messages. It may need to be taken out back and shot...or at least sprinkled with holy water.

5. Flew home in time to watch the snoozer presidential debate. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wanted Sarah Palin to run across the rear of the stage in a moose costume screaming "Maverick"!!