Sunday, March 02, 2008

Now THIS is winter...

What a beautiful Sunday. Not a cloud in the sky. Temperatures in the mid sixties. Simply the perfect San Francisco winter day.

I started the day with a morning drive to Fort Funston, which sits atop ice plant-covered cliffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean. (If you look closely at the second photo, you can also make out the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge...not a shabby panoramic vista!) The bluffs are dotted with old artillery batteries, and on windy afternoons, Fort Funston is a magnet for hang gliders. But in the quiet peace of early morning, unleashed dogs and their walkers are in charge.

In the afternoon, Jeff and I ran errands in Marin County, and stopped on our way back home to view the City and the Golden Gate Bridge in the warm afternoon sun. The bridge was brilliant against a crystal clear blue sky.


Buddy Tignor said...

"Jeff and I ran errands in Marin County" ...such a Californian :-) I think maybe you were switched at birth with some dude born in Virginia. I wonder where he is now.

Matthias said...

Love the picture of the bridge. Were you using seagull-cam? Looks like you flew by at a lofy height!

Jeff said...

The perch for the picture is a high hill in the Marin Headlands loaming over the bridge as it enters Marin County. Great vantage point.

sattvicwarrior said...

great shots
now this is weird..
I have to tell ya this.
i SAW you the other day in a restaurant.
was tempted to introduce myself
but it was NOT appropriate[ my blog is to off the wall for you I'm sure]
your cool with your blog but sensed you were REALLY really really REALLY “ up tight”. so i backed off. ].
its ok . uptight is good for some.
anyway. glad to be a " fly " on your blog wall.
its no big deal.
you have a Great blog. .. why???
I LOVE your CITY shots.
and your photos a LOT.
its ok to be uptight . [ you have a great sense of order. ]. YOUR SPIRIT IS FREE at least in yer photos. .
the one over fort Funston was really REALLY right on … . [ I m an artist . and did a PAINTING of that very shot]
. . this is weird huh?
you have a Great sense of light and balance in your photos. . and [ ME] being in LOVE with this wonderful city you capture it the way I would . .
as “ tight” as you are. you got it as it is. BRILLIANT!]
go dude..
you DA MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!![ well at least till something better comes along]:)

Matthew said...

That's not winter. You don't know winter until you live in the Great White North, and you know it! :)