Saturday, November 07, 2009

Visitor from a far-away land...well...Texas...

There is nothing quite like reconnecting with an old friend. Jeff and I had the surprise pleasure of hosting my dear friend Heath, who I hadn't seen since just after I moved from Virginia. Heath is a wide-eyed adventurer, who infused his unbounded energy into our home and our weekend.

On Sunday, we drove up into Napa and "discovered" a new winery...Frog's Leap. We enjoyed the wine and the hospitality enough to join the Frogs Leap wine club. Oh yeah...and we fended off a nasty yellowjacket attack at Domaine Carneros...nasty sting, but a fun story :)

On Saturday, we started the day with a brunch spot we had been hoping to try...the cozy and uber-popular Serpentine...located in the emerging Dogpatch neighborhood. (For reference...most of the SF graffiti photos you've seen from me over the past two years were taken within a mile of this restaurant.) The menu is short and changes routinely, but one of the staples is the country fried steak and eggs smothered in this amazing gravy. How could I resist!! (Answer...I could not.)

After brunch, we ventured out to the Ocean...first to the bluffs of Ft. Funston, with its abandoned gun batteries and fearless hang gliders...and then for a hearty walk at Lands End, complete with a rock-outlined labyrinth.

In one of the rocky tidal coves, we discovered these colorful starfish clinging to the slippery rocks awaiting the return of water.

Thanks for a grand adventure, Heath. Come back and visit with us soon!

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Sherie Jane said...

I forgot to ask you when I read this... Did you cheat on me and take Heath to Taylors?