Sunday, January 31, 2010

Amsterdam in Disney 3D...

Well, I promised myself that I would post images from Amsterdam in January, before the memories of New Years faded away. Interestingly, the short winter days of Northern Europe didn't curb my shutter-happy this posting is over-stuffed with images. But before commencing with the colorful revelry, I thought I would indulge in some stream-of-conscious memories...

Gelukkig nieuwjaar.
Eyeing the Rembrants and the Van Goghs.
Standing in extra long lines in the cold.
Visiting the Hermitage and its Russian court dress.
Powdered sugar on warm donuts.
Sh** toe.
Dodging firecrackers in Nieuwmarkt.
Being mistaken for 25.
Tapas at Duende with friends old and new.
Snow-capped bridges over icy canals.
Church in the red light district.
Wandering the Jordaan.
PC Cafe.
Savory pancakes.
Vondel Hotel.
Vigorous frisking at Schiphol Airport.
Dancing at EXIT.
New Dutch friends.

And now...on with the pictures.


Sherie Jane said...

Oh JC I love them! Unlimited Delicious with her peely face had a great time!!! xo

On to Espana!

Matthias said...

Thanks for the pix post. Looks lovely. Glad to see you in some of them too!

karen said...

Great pictures. clicked on nextblog and you were it. I love San Fransisco too. Been there once.