Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dienstag (to Trier and back)...

Another relatively early start on another mostly sunny day. We headed west towards the Mosel Valley. Along the way, rolling hills covered with hardwood trees in full autumn regalia. Most every open field or narrow valley had at least one giant, three-blade windmill, slowly and silently turning in the cool wind. These white sculptures stood out dramatically...and beautifully...against the sky.

We made it to the picturesque town of Idar-Oberstein by lunch time. Lunch at the Cafe Ratsst├╝bchen...more schnitzel please :) Afterwards, a brisk walk to catch a glance at the town's main landmark...a steepled church built into the hillside (sideways!) high above the town.

More colorful vistas on the way to our destination...Trier on the Mosel River with its extensive Roman structures. At over 2000 years old, Trier is Germany's oldest city. First stop, the Porta Nigra (the Black Gate)...an imposing gate from the Roman city's wall dating from the 2nd century. Next, on to two brilliant adjoining structures...the enormous Romanesque Cathedral (11th century) and the smaller French Gothic Church of our Lady (13th century). Next on the list, the Basillica built by Roman Emperor Constantius Chlorus in the 2nd century to house the Roman throne. The Basillica was greatly damaged by WWII bombings...and the restored interior is purposefully stark and thoughtful. Adjacent to the Basilica--and in dramatic contrast--is the Baroque Electors Palace (17th century), done up in pink with brilliant white carvings. Finally, we circled the iconic arches and ruins of the expansive Roman Imperial Baths (3rd century).

After a long, dark drive back to Dexheim, we had a late dinner in nearby Mainz-Kastel. The traditional Brauhaus Castel is a local favorite that serves home brews and perfect schnitzel champignon...our favorite schnitzel yet. Don't forget your warm Apfelstrudel mit Vanilleeis.


Anonymous said...

I love reading the blogs! It's a good reminder of all the things we did in such a short time. Keegan still talks about it.

Miss you both!

Mark Marquis said...

Greetings from the Ratsst├╝bchen. Hope you had enough "Schnitzel" ;)