Sunday, February 24, 2008

A close shave...

We were finally able to get a tree pruner to come by and remove the damaged portion of our front street-side tree. (You might recall that a major limb was damaged in a strong winter storm almost two months ago.) We also had much of the high growth trimmed to avoid bringing down the overhead electrical lines.

Our urgency was further upped by the approach of another strong storm set to arrive today. Fortunately, the rain and wind held off until after morning, and the folks from Perfect Tree were able to do their surgery.

Just in the nick of time, too. Not 20 minutes after they left, the rain began. This morning, we awoke to powerful winds...gusts of 50mph at I'm relieved that we got that done.

Now we just need the spring leaves to come in and make this tree look normal again.

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