Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jeff gives us the bird...

Late yesterday afternoon, while I was in Seattle, Jeff spotted a surprise feathered visitor in the pine tree behind our house. He snapped this quick series of shots before the bird--a red tailed hawk, perhaps?--moved on to other adventrues.

Jeff believes he was searching for dinner, but Buster was a bit skinny :)


JamesF said...

Nice shot Jeff. Very cool capture with the open wingspan.

We have a hawk that flies around our neighborhood. He even landed on our porch once, but I've never managed to get a shot of when he was close. And certainly if I did get a shot none would be as dramatic as that first shot.

Jeff said...

Thanks James. I had to stand with the camera trained on him for several minutes to take the shot. Thank goodness for the fast shutter on John's camera.