Wednesday, July 30, 2008

San Diego...

I did a quick, uneventful trip to San Diego on Monday and Tuesday. There is nothing remotely interesting about my good ol' Doubletree...which is why the window shot is relegated to the end of the post :)

I did have some free time in the evening to talk a much-needed walk along the beach. There were a few too many clouds for my taste...but a nice break nonetheless. The beach was a lot more crowded, but mostly families on summer vacation. Still, the surf was tempting, and there was a healthy sprinking of surfers.

I only wish my trip home was unstressful...but United kept up its fine record of the big DEEEEELAY. I mean, come on. If I was only on time 2/3 of the time in my job, my customers would bail on me. I don't understand how you can run an industry with such a low standard of service.

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