Monday, July 07, 2008

Notes from Michigan...

TUESDAY. A 6am flight to Chicago...way too early...but at least on time. A quick run thru the O’Hare neon tunnel and then a short hop into Grand Rapids. Welcome hugs from Jeff's mom and dad. Lisa and Lynn joined us for dinner in North Muskegon at the cozy Bear Lake Tavern...I had an amazing, creamy blue cheese burger...perfect. Dessert was Jeff's mom's homemade rhubarb pie...tangy and sweet...with a tall dollop of whipped cream. YUM.

WEDNESDAY. Dominick, Natalie, and Joshua arrived with Susan soon after breakfast for a dip in the pool. Splashing and jumping and laughs in the sun...Young Joshua is quite the brave swimmer! Dark clouds in the afternoon signaled the arrival of strong thunderstorms and torrential rain. Recently home from Germany, Julie and Adam arrived with Keegan and Mia. Dinner at the fantastic Bernie-O's Pizza. Three mouth-watering creations, including Jeff's favorite...the Hot Wing pizza. Jeff’s homemade mint chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Mexican Train to top off the evening...young Keegan with a surprising early lead!!

THURSDAY. A lazy pool-and-deck day. Lynn's wonderful, cheesy chicken enchiladas. Matthew arrived from San Francisco. Hail, Hail, the gangs all here!

FRIDAY. Happy Independence Day. The Muskegon Art Festival was jam-packed with holiday weekend revelers. Classy art up top in the park; homestyle folk craft down below. For me, the highlight (of course) was the indulgent deep-fried Oreo...a fair rival to the deep-fried Twinkie from a couple of years ago :) Ooey, gooey...these cookie morsels melt in your mouth. Pat and Joanie arrived from Detroit in a zippy convertible. A late afternoon Wippi Dip...chocolate-vanilla twist, please. More pool time, and then the pinnacle of summer picnics in Muskegon...brats on the grill. Fireworks over Muskegon Lake closed out a long, festive day.

SATURDAY. More family festivities around the pool and on the deck. Family and friends dropped by to share in the wonderful outdoor lunch/dinner. Late pizza and drinks out on the town into the wee hours. Madonna and J.T. coaxed a few dance steps.

SUNDAY. A final family meal before folks headed off to various destinations. I left Jeff to continue his Michigan visit, while I headed back to SF. Adam dropped me at GRR for what was to be a tiring flight home...full of delays and more delays. (I’ll save my frustrating United rant for a better day.) Home at 11pm. Missing Jeff :(

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