Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pitchforks and torches...

Before I move off the topic of politics and back to serene photos of Italy, I wanted to share some colorful images from a couple of spirited protests in San Francisco. First are some shots from a twilight march down Market Street the Friday after Election Day. The euphoria of Obama's win had faded a bit, and the reality of Proposition 8's passage had set in. Mobs of people...both gay and straight...came out in a show of unity for the undeniable civil right to love whomever you wish.

A week later, on Saturday, a more organized rally took place in cities across the country. These shots are from the grounds of San Francisco's majestic City Hall, but they are mirrored in shots I've seen from news sites in dozens of cities. It is heartening to know that we're standing together with our friends, wherever they may be.

I wanted to finish off with a light-hearted photo from Saturday's protest. I knew there was a reason I always loved Bert and Ernie growing up :)

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Mogimonster said...

Love the pitchforks and torches effect- adds to the mood of the shots.