Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plenty of time for a cow story...

So, for the past few days, I've been amusing myself (and my friend Chris) with the silly tale of a little girl and her pet cow. I've re-told the story a few times now...and I'm pretty sure its just funny to me...but I must document the moment.

(Side note: you can thank the good folks at United for having time to kill. Have you ever hesitantly checked the in-flight magazine to see what hit-or-miss movie you might have ahead of you, only to find a movie you have never heard of...but thought that at least it wasn't ANOTHER movie that you KNEW you wouldn't like? Well...I did. So, on comes the movie...after a miserable SNL skit...and sure enough its the crap-fest movie I didn't want to see. Sooooooo depressing 20min into a cross-country flight.)

So on with the cow tale.

I think the story is shorter than my movie rant. Sigh.

Anyhow, this weekend, Jeff, Chris, and I were flipping channels and happened upon a reality show on TLC about children and beauty pageants. Trust me...this entire show is a train wreck about these poor kids in horrid outfits with Tammy Faye makeup. Just sad.

Anyhow, the most memorable of this tragic bunch was a little girl from some southern town that I can't recall. When asked why she wanted to win the $1000 prize, this sweet child said...in charming southern drawl...that she wanted to buy a cow.
What good fortune for us viewers. The little girl won. And sure enough, the first words to her mother were to ask if she really could buy the cow.

On a happy note...I am sure that someday, this girl will be able to sue her mom for her therapy bills when she learns that her cute idiosyncrasies filmed for the world to blog about.

Hey...I grew up with chickens...but I didn't talk about it on camera while smeared with candy-red lipstick. Now THAT would require therapy :)

(Oh. The movie is still running. And it still sucks!)


wtfree3 said...

Oh my, what a horrid picture of life. I caught the first 5 minutes of that show as I was finishing up downstairs on Saturday night and knew it was going to be a trainwreck.

How about the girl who has been doing pagents since (in her words) "age zero." Or the mother who didn't seem to into it, but allowed her mother to get her daughter started and basically drive this kid to do things.

That's a sad, sad world. Borderline abuse.

Matthias said...

Did you see Little Miss Sunshine? It correlates. And Steve Carrell is there too.