Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday/Wednesday (SFO to London)...

We began our New Year's trip to London where all good trips the international Red Carpet lounge. Little nibbles and sparkling wine soothed pre-flight stress. Chris handed out Airborne.

Jeff and I snagged seats 12 H/J. A poor movie choice sucked us in...Fred Claus...a weak moment of post-Christmas blues. But wine, dinner, dessert, and Bailey's sent us right through the no-laugh movie and into dreamland.

Awoke as we entered UK airspace. Bright sun glistening off Northern Ireland's lakes mixed with low, misty clouds. Landed at London Heathrow...Terminal 1. On through passport control.

Met Sherie in the terminal, fresh from her flight from LA. An easy 25min hop on the Heathrow Express train to London's Paddington Station. Then a quick cab ride through central London to the hip May Fair Mayfair.

While Chris and Sherie napped, Jeff and I took a brisk walk through nearby Green Park to see Buckingham Palace at night. A shimmering Christmas tree front and center. We also spotted the towering London Eye, glowing with purples and blues. Back across Green Park. Popped into the Ritz...the friendly bellman politely reminded us that the area past the lobby was dinner jacket only. Still the tree and lights in the lobby were beautiful.

Strolled through local Mayfair, including a walk down the famous Bond Street shopping area. A final glimpse of Christmas glitter.

Returned to the hotel to shower and dress for New Years Eve on the town.

Reservations at a hip little restaurant called Avenue. On the walk over, Jeff was accosted by a beggar who called him a 'wanker'...even the homeless are funny in England :). Festive and white ballons packed the ceiling. A jazz quartet and sultry singer entertained. Colorful cocktails. A yummy pre fixe menu full of creative dishes.

We rang in the New Year with big glasses of champagne, silver streamers, and bottle poppers. Finished up the dinner with scrumptuous toffee sundaes were the favorite. Oh and Chris tried to light Jeff on fire with a flaming streamer.

Walked back to the May Fair with throngs of revelers. Concluded our day with after dinner drinks as the happening May Fair Bar.

Happy New Year! :)

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