Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Toilet College...

I swear that I'm not LOOKING for toilet materials for my blog. This is just a string of odd coincidences. But this morning, as I was scanning Yahoo news (and avoiding getting out of bed), I ran across the headline: "Toilet cleaners are 'restroom specialists'". How could I not read that?

It seems that Singapore is increasing training for its restroom attendants, including a 3-day course "taught by Japanese experts in the latest toilet technology." The event is sponsored in part by the Singapore-based World Toilet College.

I looked the college up and found it on the World Toilet Organization's website. On that site, I also found a link to the online game Urgent!, described as "a game, in 3D format, which aims to educate toilet users on proper toilet hygiene and toilet etiquettes."

You have GOT to go play this game!!

One final note: World Toilet Day is declared on November 19 of each year. Book your holiday travel now.


JamesF said...

Congratulations. You've almost completely redefined "Potty Humor".

bobgirrl said...

Have you ever been to Japan??? The toilets are incredible!