Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween...

Thanks to everyone that sent along birthday greetings today...or phone calls or blog mentions or scary photos from birthdays past...or foamy grande lattes :) And Jeff and Chris are taking me out for RIBS tonight...my comfort food of choice!!

But my favorite gift of the day HAD to be the sight of dear Michele try to light a wooden match in my office for the candle on the yummy cupcakes she brought. Like MacGyver gone senile, Michele tried EVERY surface in the office including the bottom of her shoe, until she spotted an etched glass globe bookend.

We lit the match on Asia, I believe. And, of course, I blew out the candle two second later so as not to set off the sprinklers. Classic. We haven't laughed that hard in ages.

[Update: My biggest smile of the day came with the phone call I received from Jeff's family for a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. A special thanks to Dominick and Natalie, who sang their special new song for me: "Matthew is big, Joshua is little. Dominick, Natalie and Keegan are smack in the middle. Big and little." THANK YOU!!]


Ginger said...

Happy Birthday!

JamesF said...

We lit the match on Asia, I believe.

That makes sense actually, since that was probably the "Heat of the Moment". *

Oh yea, and Happy Birthday again!

* Ouch, that was bad even for me.

bobgirrl said...

Happy belated birthday!

Kim Walter said...

Hope you had an awesome birthday! Was it a year for lavish gifts???