Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Seattle recap...

One of the reasons that I've had a hard time keeping up with my blog is that I've been traveling quite a bit. Not the romantic, rush-to-the-computer-and-tell-the-world-about-it travel, but simple, business travel. Not that there aren't fun photos and wonderful people.

Two weeks ago, I was in Seattle for three nights. Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world. Something about how the air smells fresh when you exit the airport.

The week's meetings were more than successful, with some amazing people, a spectacular venue, and fantastic food. I topped it all off with a fun evening with my life-long friend Jeff and his family. Hard to beat.

So, here are a few photos from the trip. Starting with our hotel--the one-of-a-kind Edgewater Hotel, situated like a pier in the Puget Sound. Some of the more fanatical of you may recognize this hotel as the setting for a famous 1964 photo of The Beatles fishing from their window. I decided to snap my own non-historic photos instead.

Next are some obligatory shots of and from the Space Needle, the most recognizable Seattle icon. Our group spent some time at the top of the Needle...in the drizzle. We also spent some time in the science museum nearby, where we saw an exhibit with the Dead Sea Scrolls. These 2000-year-old scroll fragments were inspiring, but my favorite factoid from that visit was about the Dead Sea itself. The salty Dead Sea--the lowest point on the surface of the earth, fyi--evaporates rapidly in the intense sun, creating a salty haze above it. The haze blocks the sun's UV rays , so much so that you can walk along the Dead Sea's shores without sunscreen and not burn. Fascinating...TO ME.

I did grab one quick shot of the Experience Music Project at the base of the Space Needle. This notable building--which was closed during our visit--was designed by architect Frank Gehry.

Finally, a couple of sea-side shots from Ray's Boathouse, where we had a truly memorable group dinner on our second night. Ray's "Baklava Cheesecake" simply cannot be missed!!


CAPT_Sawyer said...

You didn't talk about how last week you and I were both in McLean, VA for the entire week and yet never saw each other once.

Snif. I guess you just don't care.


BullBunky said...

It would appear that you didn't read the title of this entry: "SEATTLE recap". I'm behind in my blog entries...I get it :)

Buddy said...

love the rain splattered skylight space needle shot....very moody

JamesF said...

Capt Sawyer said:
I guess you just don't care.

But did he put his hands in the air?

So have I just been completely unobservant. Do all your title entries have "..." at the end?

BullBunky said...

Well, James, I have made over 250 entries, and all of them have had titles with the elipse. (You'll probably notice that my Strangers entries ALSO have elipses.) For the record, I also title all my emails with elipses.

bobgirrl said...

The haze blocks the sun's UV rays , so much so that you can walk along the Dead Sea's shores without sunscreen and not burn. Fascinating...TO ME.

Fascinating to pasty white people everywhere (like me).

Rick Anderson said...
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Rick Anderson said...

You have some amazing shots - but the yellow haze sunset shot with the hook in front is simpy outstanding. Do you have a filter on the camera or are you playing with the raw image in photoshop?