Thursday, May 03, 2007

Good friends and good conversation...

Business trips are generally jam-packed with activities morning, noon, and might. But on this trip, I was able to steal away for a few hours and catch least a bit.

Last night after dinner, my dear buddy Ashish met me for a late latte (or chai tea in his case). We sat outside in the Reston Towncenter, much like we did when I lived here. The air was warm with a light breeze...perfect Virginia weather.

And tonight, I drove out to visit with Ginger and James. As usual, our conversations jumped all over the place...the true measure of depth in a friendship is how many topics we can cram into two short hours. (That's Cynthia up above...done with visiting, time for a nap.)

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JamesF said...

Ok, it's somewhat surreal to look at your blog and see a photo of my house, my cat, and my kid's NASCARs. I keep thinking, this should be my blog. But then I realize the pictures on this one are way better than mine.