Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And now Virginia...

I awoke early (again) in Denver, setting off blue static electricity sparks with every tug of the bed sheet. I called TWICE yesterday afternoon to verify that I would have a cab ready to take me to the airport, but no cab was waiting for me when I checked out. Nope. Why bother? So that started off the day stressfully, with pockets of traffic and a LONG cross-town drive to the Denver airport.

But frankly, this frantic airport experience underscores why obtaining (and retaining) airline status matters. Being a Premier Executive with United means that they really do cut corners for you at the airpirt. The short VIP lines everywhere are the only thing that made it possible to catch my flight on time.

Anyhow. Tonight, I'm in a comfy room at the Hyatt in Reston...mere blocks from my former townhouse. The view from my room is to the west, overlooking the Reston Towncenter. I can just make out the faint line of the Appalachians, although you certainly can't see that in the window photo above. Perhaps the morning sun will set off the mountains in some dramatic fashion.

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