Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just ducky...

Avid readers of Tribulations (oh, you know who you are) might be wondering if I have drifted off to some extended hiatus...perhaps taking time to find that novel in me or circumnavigate the globe. Well...nothing quite so grand, but I certainly have been bouncing around. So, let's rewind nearly two weeks with some notes and photos that were supposed to be posts of their own.

A brief 15-hours in Monday evening (late), up for an early briefing, and an early afternoon flight home. No room for a proper meal at Two Bells :( Captured another view from the Seattle Hilton.

Home to SF to host Brooks for two nights. Drinks on the town both evenings.

Saturday in the park. A long walk through the myriad of "rooms" at the SF Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park. Stealthy squirrels surprised us as they chased each other through the underbrush. Lunch at the de Young. Made yummy chili for dinner.

Another week, another trip. Off to Orlando early Sunday for a week of meetings and a conference. Stayed at the charming Peabody...where they still hold their famous duck march twice daily to a grand Sousa soundtrack. Picked up silly exhibit tchotchkes. Got a fake parrot tattoo.

Spent a few free hours Thursday evening at Disney World's Epcot. I am still inspired by Spaceship Earth and its history of human communications...but boy is it looking dated. Sponsor Siemens still makes me chuckle. Refurbished ocean exhibit to a Finding Nemo theme was a pleasant surprise. Fireworks were delightful...but needed Jeff at my side. (Heard later that Jeff had to clean up Buster's throw up in the living room...really wished Jeff was with me instead.)

Flew home Friday morning...a hazy, humid central Florida morning. First leg...a large man the temperature of the Sun sat down next to me. Second leg...upgrade...aaaahhhhhh...although the man sitting next to me took off his shoes AND socks. Good thing there was free wine.

I leave you with the most ridiculous item from the past two weeks. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the Urine Off sales crew at the conference I was attending. This just goes to show the range of products and services available to the discerning customer. As the tagline states..."the name says it all".


JamesF said...

Bullbunky: Avid readers of Tribulations (oh, you know who you are)...

Me! Sometimes I find myself simply sitting there hitting refresh hoping against hope for an update.

I liked the cirque picture. The fireworks were nice also.

Kim said...

Urine off crazy is this world! I never pictured you for the tattoo type. Nasty that the guy took off his shoes and socks. Ewwwww! I hope you had TONS of wine. Glad you made it safely home.

Buddy Tignor said...

I must have missed you by a day in Orlando. I was in Apopka looking at some of the larger tissue culture labs in the Southeast.

Next time we should try and coordinate. I couldn't get you Urine Off, but I could get you a look at some plants that you won't be able to find for public sale for a while.

I'll be in Atlanta next week?