Friday, December 07, 2007

Day 11 photos from Paris...and a rhino...

These shots are from our eleventh day in Europe (Thursday/Juedi, November 1)...All Saints Day. We spent the holiday with throngs of Parisians...walking from the Gare de Lyon through the Marais and along the Seine. Dawn to dusk.

At dusk, we reached the Musée d' of our perennial favorites. Naturally, we snapped a few rhino butt photos...but this time with a nighttime twist...our birthday present to good ol' Matt.

At the Place de la Concorde, we rode La Grande Roue de Paris.

We finished the day with an evening stroll along the Seine...the quay is dotted with musicians, artists, and lovers. All in an evening in Paris.

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Matthias said...

Merci Beaucoup for the rhino! I love them. At a night shot to boot. How cool!

I also love the ferris wheel photos.