Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday buzz...

No matter how far ahead I am with holiday preparations, the procrastinator in me ALWAYS stresses with the last-minute details. Still, in the midst of it all, I wanted to share some holiday whimsy...and what is more whimsical than the army of plastic snowmen at the Cornerstone gardens. (To be honest, these plastic snowmen and penguins are a bit frightening...but that's for the therapist's couch.)

One oddity of note. I was picking up a gingerbread latte this morning from Starbucks in the Financial District. There was a guy at a table in the corner with his pet bird standing on the table eating if this was normal. Reminds me to bring my own handi-wipes to all public eateries. Ick.


JamesF said...

It's an army of snowmen!

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