Saturday, January 26, 2008

For the birds...

A break in our winter storms brought out this gaggle of gulls (and various other sea birds) at a cove along the Bay shore. It was like a scene right out of Hitchcock. Imagine the droppings.

Speaking of crap...we got our San Francisco voter's guide, which details the City propositions on the ballot during the upcoming California presidential primaries. There is always one City proposition that just makes me roll my eyes in disbelief.

This ballot is no exception.

How about this gem: "Adopting a policy that they City acquire Alcatraz Island to make it a global peace center." Seriously...we vote on shit like this all the time!! It seems that a niche party rounded up enough signatures (over 10,000!!...who are these people!!) for this non-binding statement of City policy. Its amazing the amount of free time people have on their hands.

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