Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rewind: Seattle...

This past week, I spent a few days in Seattle for business...with an opportunity for even more hotel window shots...this time from the downtown Westin.

All things told, this was a very nice trip, with a couple of great dinners with coworkers...adventurous sushi and flavorful steak...and an AMAZING pecan bun from Belle Epicurean: "rich brioche rolled with butter and filled with pecan frangipane and whole pecans" was truly divine.

But the blog-worthy story is really the hit-and-run snowstorm that sped through on Monday.

My plane arrive in Seattle at about 6pm. I picked up a rental car...another Avis practical joke, as you will see...and headed for my room downtown. As I arrived in my room...say at about 7pm...a heavy, slushy snow had begun to fall. I called my dear buddy Jeff to see if I should risk driving out to see him and his kids. No problem...the roads look clear on the traffic webcams...not supposed to really snow until after midnight.

Now, let me throw in the tiny detail that Avis gave me a Ford Mustang. Honestly, I rent a car in the summer and I get a gas-sucking SUV...a snowy winter day...I get a sled. You know, they make these freakin' cars in Michigan...where it snows...often. Do Ford executives actually drive the cars they build? This car (which still has rear wheel drive) is just stupid.

Anyhow, I made it pretty far before it became clear that the snow was picking up steam. But, there was no way to turn around, because the roads going back were all jammed up. Well, after a few scary moments where I lost traction, Jeff and I decided that I would not make it up the hill to his I would have to turn around.

We plotted an alternate route back, and by the time I reached the city, the snow had all but stopped and the roads had nearly melted.

Remember that scene in the first Lord of the Rings movie when the Fellowship tries to go over the mountain, but a freak storm comes up to thwart them? Same thing. Except that I was in a f-ing Mustang, and I don't have furry feet like a Hobbit.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you don't have hobbit feet. :-)


Sherie Jane said...

John, inside you is a fat man dying to come out! What I would give to have your metabolism! And overall perfect disposition....

JamesF said...

I love the city shot.

The driving shot is nice also.