Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm full...

This week finished with a few meeting-packed days and team-filled evenings in Seattle...all glued together by conference calls in the free moments. Certainly a good visit...but it felt incomplete without a visit with dear ol' time I promise. (Photos are from my room in the Seattle Grand first stay.)

Still, no worries about good food and great espresso. Wednesday lunch at the hidden Dish Cafe in the Nordstrom corporate HQ building. Dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse with my team...a never-ending flow of meat on skewers...the name escapes me. Thursday morning...a meeting at local-favorite Top Pot donuts...a rich latte on the side. Lunch at the downtown Icon Grill. An afternoon latte near the office. Dinner at the cozy, flavorful Dhalia Lounge. Breakfast pastries from the simply amazing Belle Epicurean...those to-die-for pecan buns and spicy corn fritters. Lunch with the team at Two Bells Tavern...a Jeff classic that kept running on about...a toast to Jeff for introducing me to this gem.

I swear, we also got work done on this trip as well.


sattvicwarrior said...

gotta hand it to ya mate. , you REALLY have a good eye fer the lens, .
i would say BRILLIANT. .
and when ya put it together in yer blog. ]
tis a wondeful experience. .
Ive followed ya fer a bit of time . YET.
. i cant figure it out. you seem so STUFFY. but your spirt is FREE.
thanks fer the sharein :)

BullBunky said...

Well thank you for sticking with my ramblings for all this time. This is certainly a creative release.