Monday, May 12, 2008

Last to first...

Today, I'm happy to report that Chicago O'Hare didn't suck.

I actually arrived 30 minutes EARLY from San Francisco, had plenty of time to find a Starbucks, AND got upgraded to first class. Aside from the brief confusion with poor Pickles, we left pretty much on time bound for rainy BWI.

I'm in Annapolis for a few days this week for work. Staying at the comfy Lowes hotel in the historic downtown. Low brick buildings everywhere, with the picturesque Maryland statehouse in the center. Hopefully, I'll get outside tomorrow for some photos. In the meantime...its just the normal hotel window shot :)

I did grab a nice shot of Chicago and the Lake Michigan shoreline as we took off from O'Hare. The water was a brilliant aqua, which is only hinted at in this shot.

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Sherie Jane said...

Great pix. Can't wait to see your new Italy pix. There are a couple from the last trip that I are still my fave!