Monday, June 30, 2008

Pride 2008...

Sunday’s Pride Parade through the heart of San Francisco had its usual mash-up of bright color, pulsing music, and determined politics, but this year the undeniable feeling was joy. There was a noticeable air of celebration and love and inclusion. It is a wonderful time to live in San Francisco.

Every year, the parade attracts a few celebrities...or at least gay celebrities. This year's notables pictured below: Cindy Lauper, Leslie Jordan (the diminutive persnickety actor from Boston Legal and Will and a less than flattering pose), and "Fernando and Greg" (a local D.J. pair).

But the majority of the parade is full of real folks...many decked out in the most outrageous outfits. The costumes seemed even more over the top this was my favorite parade in years.

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Anonymous said...

FABulous assortment .... fun to see..... hanks for sharing some of the more colorful moments.