Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet island breezes...

I had the good fortune of working in our Honolulu office this past week. I n addition to the warm hospitality of my coworkers, I also enjoyed the chance to unwind in the evenings with Jeff, who joined me for the trip. Jeff got the bonus of wandering around Oahu during the day :)

Still, on the Sunday of our arrival, I was able to get out with Jeff for a casual drive around the island. We snorkeled at Shark's Cove (the #1 photo below), along the famous North Shore. From there, we drove clockwise along the coast, finishing with an evening swim at Jeff's favorite beach in Kailua.

One of our treats that first Sunday was a quick stop at the touristy...but tasty...Dole Plantation. Sure, its meant for kids...but the Dole Whip cones are worth a stop :)

We stayed at the popular Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. Our room had a sunny view back towards downtown Honolulu. In the evenings, we sought out meals with views, and had some savory seafood served with the sounds of the surf. Oh yes...a few Mai Tais.

During the weekdays, my coworker Ken kept me quite busy with meetings, but he always took the time to seek out a cozy local restaurant for lunch. He was careful to push the boundaries of my comfort zone without sending me careening over the line :) A notable afternoon treat was a tapioca tea from a tiny hole in the wall...quite a taste sensation.

The trip reminded us of all the things we love about Hawaii: the scented breezes, sweet sandiches from Stortos, calm evening swims, the rhythmic sounds of the ocean at night...and of course the friendly people.


JamesF said...

John: ...finishing with an evening swim at Jeff's favorite beach in Kailua.

That's just wrong. You've been there enough to have a favorite beach? Some of us have never been there at all and have to live vicariously through other people's pictures.

Good thing you take such good pictures.

Kim said...

Great photograph of Chinaman's hat! Paul and I had some great fish tacos at some dive on Oahu. There is some awesome food in Hawaii. I need to get a job like yours so I can travel too. :-)