Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When the seagulls close in...

Although the air was still chilly from our dense morning fog, I just had to walk over to the Ferry Building this afternoon for the final Tuesday farmers market of October. By the time lunch arrived, the fog had burned off, and the market was lit by a warm light.

I started with a warm panini from Boccalone ("tasty salted pig parts"). I leaned against a water-side railing as I ate the sandwich--full of house-made salami and olive tapenade--while two seagulls floated beneath me hoping I would drop morsels. I dared not taunt them. ("Quoth the seagull, 'Nevermore.'")

Enlivened by the fresh air, I grabbed a moist cupcake for dessert from the Miette patisserie. New seagulls arrived...these with a sweet tooth...or sweet beaks.

I squashed a twinge of post-cupcake guilt with a tart Black Twig apple from the Devoto Gardens stand. (Doesn't the rustic look of this apple epitomize autumn?)

Fully warmed by the sun and full from my treats, I grabbed a scrumptious New Orleans iced coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee for my slow stroll back to the office.

How I hate to see October go.


JamesF said...

Sounds really nice. And it sounds warmer than here since it has been a bit cold on this coast of late.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

But the end of October means your birthday!!!!