Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Summary of a day...

1. I woke up in a bland hotel room in San Diego...staring at the all-too-familiar sprawl before me.

2. In spite of leaving early for my meeting, I arrived 10 minutes late because each detour I tried to avoid traffic turned out to be worst that the original route.

3. After two years, I was able to try the hole-in-the-wall Boll Weevil restaurant for a greasy lunch...I needed comfort food. (I first spotted this dive on a business trip in 2006.) Out of insane curiosity, I ordered the peanut butter and bacon was wonderful.

4. Noticed that my Blackberry is possessed. Somehow, it thinks that I have 23 THOUSAND email messages. It may need to be taken out back and shot...or at least sprinkled with holy water.

5. Flew home in time to watch the snoozer presidential debate. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wanted Sarah Palin to run across the rear of the stage in a moose costume screaming "Maverick"!!

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