Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thursday (London)...

Slept in this morning to begin the new year fresh. Awoke to the sounds of a marching band below our window...part of London's loud and colorful New Year's Parade. Brunch in the hotel and then out into the parade crouds. Seemed like all of the marching bands and cheering squads were from the USA.

Retraced our walk from last night...through Green Park to Buckingham Palace. With temperatures in the mid 30s, the iconic palace guards were dressed in warm grey overcoats. Visited the Queen's Gallery bookstore...Sherie picked out postcards of. Prince Harry...grrrrrrrrr. :) Jeff found a cool book on royal hounds. I picked out a cute Christmas ornament for next year's tree.

Took a leisurely walk around the walls of the Palace Mews and along the edges of Hyde Park to Knightsbridge...with noisy streets filled with sale shoppers. Visited both Harvey Nichols and Harrods...both teeming with bargain hunters. We left with bottled water.

After dark, entered Hyde Park and its festive Winter Wonderland canival. Bright flashing lights, pulsing colors, and screaming children. We opted for the towering ferris wheel, glistening with white and blue lights. Our first glance of London's iconic skyline...Big Ben, Westminster, and the London Eye were lit up against the night sky.

Took the Tube back to our hotel to freshen and plan a late dinner (a stunning 4£ ride each). Ate wonderful dim sum in SoHo at Ping Pong. My vanilla lemon vodka drink was totally yummy. All of the food hit the spot...a spicy chicken dumpling was my personal favorite.

Walked back to the hotel through holiday-lit streets and the flashing lights of Piccadilly Circus.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year John! I'm enjoying virtual walks through London thanks to you. You need to get the Oyster card so you don't pay the tourist fare on the Tube! -Anders

Anonymous said...

I wish I were with you both. Bottled water......are you kidding me that was all you could find at Harrods! I hope you have a great vacation. Be sure to post plenty of pictures. Love ya - Kim

Sherie Jane said...

I can't wait to tell me cousin Ping Pong about the self titled restaurant!