Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday...the long road home...

Imagine if you will, that in place of the entry you are now reading, there was a brilliantly written piece full of local color, tidbits of trivia, and of course air travel stress. Well, that entry disappeared into the ether when I spilled my water on my Treo during our flights from IAD today.

Gone are the juicy details of our day that started at 8am in Paris and ended at our doorway in San Francisco at 9pm (6am Paris Time). 22 hours long, but the details of the day escape my weary mind.

What did you miss? Our stylish ride to the airport. CDG Terminal 1, which resembles a gray nuclear-hardened hat box. Nine passport checks at CDG...yes nine. Red Carpet Club. The pleasant CDG-to-IAD flight. The excruciating hour and a half we spent in IAD International Arrivals, when Jeff's bags were mistakenly sent to the main terminal. The light snow flurries at IAD as we were taxiing. Our cramped flight to SFO. The movies Flushed Away and Marie Antoinette. Sipping Starbucks liquer over ice. The taxi ride home. Dobie and Buster rushing to greet us.

I promise you the entire write-up, including a timeline, was riveting. Now its just notes :)

Thank GOODNESS we're home.


Buddy Tignor said...

Paris??? quit reading blogs for a week due to a baby and you miss out.

I love Paris I hope you and Jeff had a good trip and didn't get caught too long in the people movers at CDG (reminded me of some sort of mechanical intestines complete with blockages)

Kim said...

Poor Treo. :-(
I can't wait to see your pictures. Welcome home!