Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Useless signs...

This sign annoys me for two reasons. First, it annoys me because you can't read it in this photo. No, its not the sign's fault...its just an artifact from the Treo...and that I was driving when I took this. Soooo, really its the Treo that I'm ranting about. (Yes, I should have my real camera at the ready.)

But still...I took this shot in the hopes of highlighting a STUPID SIGN. This one says "BROADWAY AT MONTGOMERY MAY BE CLOSED". (This is due to a landslide in the city yesterday morning.) But a driver...what should I do with this? I either avoid Broadway or not, but I think some more up to date info would be helpful.


[UPDATE: I snapped this shot a couple of days later with a real camera. Just for reference on this riveting topic.]


Matthias Treml said...

Perhaps you should think of this more zen-like.

Those drivers with spontaneous personalities may choos this route for the possibility that it may not be closed.

Those who are very conservative will no doubt avoid this route.

Which would you choose?

BullBunky said...

Matt...I love it when you're in your Zen moods :)

For the record, I would choose the "closed" route...just to see the landslide. I would be disappointed if it was all clear.

Matthias Treml said...

I would too. Just for the harrowing story about how I manage to make it through (albeit 2 hours late) ;-)

sattvicwarrior said...

why go UNDER broadway
and face 10 billion asians on cell phones. when you can do UNION STREET. RIGHT on STOCKTON down to montgomery via columbus[ if thats indeed where you are going!!!!!!!