Tuesday, February 06, 2007


As we had done yesterday, we started our day today with some amazing pastries from Gabriele's. This kicked everything off in grand style.

Our first activity after breakfast was to climb Notre Dame's dual circular staircases to the top of its famous bell towers. Even though the visibility was limited by weather on the verge of drizzle at any minute, we climbed to the top of Quasimoto's perch. The views (and architecture along the way) were amazing. We also did a repeat stop-over into the stunning Sainte Chappelle.

We grabbed lunch on the way to our next destination. Lunch was a hearty galette followed by a chocolate covered crepe. This fueled us up for a colorful museum of the history of Paris itself--the Musée Carnavalet.

A light drizzle cut our walk-about short...but only briefly. We still headed out for dinner: fusion Italian food at Caffe Boboli--Jeff's pesto pasta was particularly good. We ended the day with a walk and drinks.

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