Thursday, February 08, 2007


This morning, we met Christophe and Philippe--the property managers for the apartment we're renting. These guys clearly love Paris and love what they do. Christophe enthusiastically talked about discovering the painted beams in our apartment, which were hidden beneath a false ceiling. The ceiling dates from the mid 17th century and is rare and a sign of wealth.

After breakfast (no Gabrielle... again!), we spent most of the day on the Left Bank in the Latin Quarter and Saint Germain neighborhoods. The sun surprised with its presence this morning, so we decided to follow the sun-starved Parisians to the Luxembourg Garden and its Italian-inspired Palais du Luxembourg--home of the French Senate. As expected, the park was full of Parisians, drawn out of their offices and classrooms to sit by the fountains or jog or play pick-up soccer.

We grabbed a quick burger at Quick...a Franco-Belgian chain and a modest imitation of McDonalds that served its purpose. Afterwards, we attempted to use our Museum Pass at two nearby landmarks--the Pantheon and the medieval Musée Cluny--but were thwarted by the French tradition of inconvenient mid-week closed days.

Undaunted, we wound our way over to the St. Sulpice cathedral--infamous for its role in The Da Vinci Code. Yes, the 'Rose Line' from the book is clearly marked, and every tourist (including us) stopped to photograph this tiny golden line. Otherwise, the church is an impressive, yet understated, monument to Roman Catholic grandeur. It was no complaints from us.

From there, we entered the Saint Germain neighborhood, which had street closures all over from either a rally or a protest. We saw smoke and steered clear.

We made it to the Hôtel des Invalides and enclosed Église du Dome right as sneaky rainclouds unloaded on us. (Note that this landmark is quite near the Eiffel Tower, which is where we were poured on this past summer...don't go near the Eiffel Tower without an umbrella!) Inside, we toured Napoleon's Tomb...a huge marble box for a tiny man.

Tired from walking, we hopped on the Metro. Lines 13, 8, and 7 deposited us near our Isle. We took a quick walk through the Village St. Paul, with its inter-connected coutyards brimming over with antique shops. We discovered why they call this a village--apparently it once stood outside the city walls of Paris--we spotted small sections of St. Paul's former walls.

Dinner was a delightful find--the Starcooker on the Rue des Archives in the Marais. Jeff had a wonderful risotto au poulet and I had a cheesy mushroom ravioli. We had equally hearty deserts before finishing our evening with drinks at nearby Amnesia while watching AbFab with French subtitles.

[Hmmm, is anyone still reading these scribbles?]


Lisa said...

Yes BIL still reading, keep writing. Glad you're both having a nice time.

JamesF said...

Bullbunky: [Hmmm, is anyone still reading these scribbles?]

Now that's just a shameless way to get comments. Of course we're still reading. A tad jealous while reading maybe, but still reading.

Kim said...

Yes - we are still reading. :-) Dealing with two kids alone while Paul is out of town is certainly not as glamorous as Paris. Thanks for giving me something to dream about while I am a solo mom!

BullBunky said...

LOL, no, I'm not above pandering for comments :)

Pattie W. said...

Please don't stop posting, I find your posting of your travels, much better reading than those of Rick Steves. I get to see Paris without leaving my office. hummm this is good yes?

Frank Lee said...


I didn't know you could check the posts there. I thought you only did Treo (sp?) work.

Are you getting me the Rhino picture, s'il vous plait....

BullBunky said...

This trip, Jeff has his laptop, because the apartment has DSL. I've still been posting from my Treo, but I've been checking the comments :)

And yes, wait for tonight's post...the rhino makes an appearance.