Monday, April 30, 2007

Pesky groundhogs...

I realize that groundhogs are pests...but they are adorable pests...and they are EVERYWHERE in this town. They poke their tiny heads from every grassy knoll in sight. They particularly seemed to like the safe haven inside the fence of the Denver Federal Center, where I had my meeting today.

BUT WHERE WERE THEY WHEN I TOOK MY CAMERA OUT THIS AFTERNOON? Hmmmmm? Trying to make a liar out of me!

Sure...I found a dinosaur...

...and a seahorse...

...and an old shoe...a burned old shoe...(I mean really, who burns a shoe?)

Nevertheless, this afternoon, the sun was just right for my obligatory hotel window shot. My view is to the east...hence the lack of mountains...or any discernible landmark. There were some dramatic dark clouds building throughout the afternoon, but no prairie thunderstorms developed today.

Dinner tonight was at a fantastic restaurant downtown: Zengo. My host Sarah split a couple of divine entrees with me: the braised short ribs and the black cod. YUM.

Finally, I was also playing around with some of the photos I took this weekend, including this wonderful shot of a truthfully labeled shipping line. Fantastic! Must be a sale weekend at Target :) The second shot was a creative housing solution sandwiched between two containers.

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JamesF said...

The pictures layouts did something odd there in the middle (the hotel window shot seems off center in my Firefox).

And I was disappointed there was no zen like meeting with a groundhog described like the one with the Fox from the other day. :-(