Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hot nights in Portland...

I am soooooo frickin' behind on my blog posts! I know...I know. I've got pics and stories from Pinnacles, Muskegon, and Freedom (Indiana). But it sure does seem that the more I procrastinate diving back in, the more daunting the task.

So, let's just begin with today. Portland.

I am pleased to report that my flight here was TOTALLY UNEVENTFUL. Can you imagine? Early to the airport. Easy check-in. On time departure and arrival.

Its quite warm in Portland this evening. Over 90F when we landed. But Jeff reports that its warm in SF this evening as well. (Although this is nothing compared with the 100+ degrees we will see in Las Vegas this weekend!)

Tonight, I'll curl up in Westin's famous "heavenly bed"...we'll see!! I'm still a travel skeptic for a bit while longer :)

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