Friday, April 11, 2008

End of an era...

I know that most of you won't care, but one of my long-time guilty pleasures ended today.

I've been an avid listener to the irreverent Don and Mike radio show since I first moved to the DC area in 1991. After I moved to SF, I found D&M on a Sacramento AM station, where I could catch the show on occasion. In recent years, the always-fresh D&M podcasts on iTunes have kept me entertained on my frequent flights. The show has always been one of my ties to my post-college life in DC.

With Don's retirement today, the show has come to a festive-but-sad close. (Mike is carrying on solo, fyi.)

After so many years, I have many fond memories, but I think my favorite will be listening to the show when D&M were doing a dramatic reading of the Kenneth Star report of the Monica Lewinski scandal. To this day, my friend Kim and I still talk about that show :)

Thanks for the memories, D&M. I have NO idea how I will sit thru five-hour flights now!!


Kim said...

So sad! I must admit, that was the BEST show Don & Mike ever did. It is certainly the highlight of my weekend trips to DC with you. Nothing like a little porn music and Monica's name together! :-)

CAPT_Sawyer said...

So sad. I started listening to them back in 1992 when I first moved to DC. I remember standing in the kitchen in the Todd Street house, listening to them ride around the beltway in a van while broadcasting, stopping randomly around the metro-DC area. Pure genius!!

I'm only heard them erratically over the past 6 years, when I'm back in town. Last year I started downloading the podcasts for my walk to/from a local client site, but 6 months later that work ended and I stopped (although in my defense, there seemed to be a long dry spell in the podcasts).

I wish someone had taped the final show.

BullBunky said...

Kim...its one of those unforgettable moments :)

Curt...good news for you there. The podcasts for the final show are available on the site...and maybe itunes, but I haven't looked yet. I plan to download them, because I could only listen to part. Don's closing segment is quite touching.