Sunday, April 13, 2008

Throngs of fair-weather fans...

We took advantage of the first truly warm, sunny day of the season, and took a tour of the local micro-climates on Saturday. North to the Carneros Region of Napa where it hit 91. West through Petaluma to Pt. Reyes Station where it was a pleasant 75. South along the coast, and then up and over to Marin where it was back around 80. And then south into the City and back into the mid-60s.

We did hit a couple of snags along the way, like the horrendous traffic as we tried to go through Stinson Beach. We turned to Emily (our GPS) and flipped a quick U...Emily took us up a narrow winding road into the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed. Not the quickest route home, but some amazing the compressed view above that shows Stinson Beach in the foreground, and the hills of SF in the distance.

Heh, one amusing story from our traffic jam in Stinson Beach. We watched in amazement as the heavyset driver in front of us stopped his car in the middle of the road, got out of the car, took off his shirt, and then walked into the bushes to pee...while traffic continued to inch forward ahead of him. (He didn't seem troubled by our inconvenience.)

Saturday night, we did dinner with our friend Brian, and discovered more warm-weather fans crowding the streets of the Marina District. We tried to go to one of our favorite spots--Mamacitas---but we were told the waiting list was longer than the kitchen would be open! (Never fear...we moved on to the Presidio Social Club for a satisfying dinner...even though our favorite banana cream pies were gone for the night :( )

Sunday, we tried to take our lunch out to Ocean Beach to enjoy some people-watching, only to find WAY TOO MANY people to watch...we wisely diverted into GG Park for our sandwich.

Now, suddenly, the temps have dropped dramatically and the fog has swooped in, completely blanketing the valley below our house. Amazing how quickly our tiny weather pockets can change.


Anonymous said...

So this is why we couldn't reach you guys on the phone. Keegan just wanted to say hi to his Uncle Han's and Uncle Helmut. He misses you both a lot!

Matthias said...

JC, what? no picture of the fat man urinating? where's the Fox's TMZ factor? I thought you liked toilet humor ;-)

luvulongtime said...

I have to laugh every time I read about Emily. Has she and Chris made up?? xo

BullBunky said...

Julie...sorry we missed you guys!! We need our Gunther time., sorry, the camera was not at the ready. A shame too, because he was a classic angry driver. I was going to say full of piss and vinegar, but that seemed crass?

And, I think Emily and Chris are still in a cooling off period.

bobgirrl said...

Does the male anatomy require removing your shirt to pee??