Sunday, April 06, 2008

Northern Virginia in two parts...

Jeff joined me for a few days in Northern Virginia. I had several work meetings to attend, and it served as a perfect excuse to get Jeff away from his daily grind.

We spread the visit across the weekend, so that we could surprise my Dad for his 70th birthday (details to follow). We ended up in two hotels on either end of the weekend...the Hilton and the Ritz Carlton. Frankly, I'm a Hilton kind of guy...I don't need, nor truly appreciate the so-called luxury of the Ritz...even when the prices are the same. At the end of the day, they both provide comfy pillows to cradle your weary head.

In spite of a short visit, we were able to squeeze in two visits. On Monday, we ventured out in the rain to see James and Ginger...including some fun games on the Wii...fortunately, the Wii is entertaining even without skill :) On Tuesday night, we drove into the District to meet up with friends Josh and Mark, who took us to the very popular Lauriol Plaza Mexican restaurant...and then out to a couple of nearby watering holes. (As an unexpected bonus, on our way to meet Josh and Mark, I drove Jeff by the Tidal Basin and the Cherry Blossoms, which were in full pink regalia.)

Somewhere along the way...Jeff caught a nasty cold :( Given the timing, I think its fair to say he brought it from California, but we did enter several "virus breeding grounds" along the way. Hopefully, we didn't create some new super-virus by joining west coast and east coast strains!!

Knock on wood...I'm still cold free.

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