Monday, September 22, 2008

Pretty things...

Life is a bit stressful at the moment...and it helps to think about the good stuff...the pretty, shiny things that make a gray day brighter.

On Sunday, as Jeff and I wrapped up a gray weekend in Seattle, we took in some of the local color. Most important...our lunch at Two Bells, where I introduced my Jeff to the pleasures of a yummy burger. This one is my usual...the blue burger. Wow.

We also visited the wondrous Seattle Public Library, with many amazing architectural features. Jeff took a bunch of great photos, so I will leave you to his blog for those. But here are a couple that I took of some glowing, all-red hallways.

And finally, a shot I snapped at the SAM sculpture garden. I just love how the red white and green pop in this shot.

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