Saturday, January 31, 2009

Remembering New Year's in London...part 2...

I certainly didn't want January to exit without finishing up my photos from London. So, here is the final set, with all the post-New Years fun. You can read my glorious descriptions in the entries for Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

So, we begin with some silly images from London's New Year's Day parade. I'll be honest...we slept in late...and it was I didn't catch much of the parade. But I did enjoy the creativity and scale of this parade.

So, the day REALLY began with brunch in the hotel. Followed by a walk through Green Park to Buckingham Palace. Everyone was cheery on this first full day in London.

When you start your day late in wintertime London, and make a few indoor stops along the route, it doesn't take long to jump into dusk...which is what happened on this day. So, we leap forward to a nighttime view of the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner. These are followed by colorful images from a Winter Carnival in Hyde Park.

Dinner that first evening was at Ping Pong...wonderful dim sum in Soho.

Day 3 began with a quick walk through Berkeley Park followed by a visit to the grand St. Paul's Cathedral. We weren't supposed to take photos inside, so our memories are primarily exteriors and views from the top of the dome...and a couple of sneaky shots from the hip. :)

Next, we headed across the modern Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern. We also downed some fantastic fish and chips.

We finished the day with a long nighttime walk along the Thames, ending at Westminster and its iconic tower housing Big Ben.

Day 4 has a mix of images including the Victoria and Albert museum, the Aspley House, and Wellington Arch. We also passed by a boistous protest. We ended the day with the Billy Elliot musical at a quintessential London theatre.

All those memories, crammed into a few short days. But oh what a way to relax and reflect on them from our comfy United pod :)


JamesF said...

That's a whole lot of photos. Got some really nice shots in there.

Sherie Jane said...

You got a pod?! Jealous!

It's funny. We have similar "illegal" photos!

I should screen capture the past couple of blogs so i don't have to put my own pictures together...

Did you see the amount on of snow London got today?


Sherie Jane said...

Look kids. There's Big Ben... am so putting that on Jeff's facebook right now...