Sunday, January 25, 2009

Remembering New Year's in London...part 1...

We landed in London on New Year's Eve. Jeff and I teamed up with Sherie and Chris for a wonderful, memorable trip to end/start the year. All of the shots in this posting are from our first day in London. (If you want to read my original journal entry...check out this link.)

The winter days in London are VERY short, so by the time we made it from the airport to the hotel...the stylish May Fair was already dark. So, Jeff and I took a brisk walk through nearby Green Park to Buckingham Palace before dinner. On the return route to the hotel, we enjoyed the abundance of Christmas lights around every corner.

I discovered that I am heading for the same hairline as FDR and Churchill...hopefully not their bellies!

We celebrated New Years at a nearby restaurant called @venue. Not the best lighting for photos...but the perfect mood for a cozy evening with good friends.

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Let's go back!