Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday (London to SFO)...

One last 'cheerio'. A very early morning to catch a taxi to Heathrow. (Side note: The taxi drivers are sooooo friendly in London. Yesterday, one driver didn't have change for a paper bill I had, so he took whatever change I had...about a pound short on a six pound ride...and said in the nicest way that it was close enough and that really it was his fault. Totally classy. I seem to remember an LA cab driver speeding off with the door still open when I refused to tip him for his poor service. Score one for the Brits.)

Left the May Fair. The four of us rode in sleepy silence for most of the way...with the occasional oooooh or aaaaaaah. A layer of frost made the occasional green sporting fields magical in the low morning light. The city was quiet.

Parted with Sherie as we rounded the airport...she made her way to Virgin's Terminal 3 and we stopped at United's Terminal 1. Spent some quality lounging time in the Star Alliance international lounge before our flight.

First UA 949 to Chicago...yes, Chicago in January...the direct flights to SFO were sold out. Seats 9 A/B. Oh yes...the new lie flat seats complete with big screen entertainment system. Damn entertainment...I didn't sleep for more than 15min. A couple dozen games. The beginnings of several movies. A couple of episodes of The Office. My A.D.D. was in full distraction mode.

Landed in Chicago on schedule. Made our way through the inefficient 'howdy' known as US Customs.

United 907...on time? Shocking. I will give United and O'Hare a new year's reprieve from my loathing :) Seats 9 A/B again...but no lie-flat seats on this ancient widebody. Ok we took off a bit late, but for Chicago...this almost counts as on-time. Wow did this 4-hour flight feel longer than the 9-hour flight from London. Did watch a good movie though...Bottle Shock...and its sunny telling of a historic French-American wine face-off.

Landed. Baggage. Car. Home. Shower. Bed. What a whirl-wind New Years.

(Welcome home Sherie and Chris...what are you on about?)


Sherie Jane said...

I might have used that on Jeff's facebook a zillion times today! Am sad to be home. Had a really great time. We will have to do Village next time. That's a must!!! The man was upside down on a pole!!!

Matthias said...

Can't wait for you to make good on your new year's resolution.

I want to see a picture of Flaming Jeff. The evidence is sure to convict Chris!

LeAnne said...

Bottle Shock was a good movie, wasn't it? Happy you got some entertainment on the less-than-lush flight back to SF from Chicago!