Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I flew to Atlanta today for a client meeting tomorrow. This evening, with a few hours to kill, I walked from my hotel over to the Olympic Centennial Park. I didn't notice much going on, but I did snap a few photos along the way.

First is this shot of two downtown buildings with no fewer than six or seven connecting skyways between them. Clearly, these people do NOT want to go outside!

I had read about the Postal Service's promotional mail box coverings to promote their new Star Wars stamps, but I had not seen one of the R2-D2 mailboxes in SF. I spotted this one by the CNN center. (James, this shot is for you, since you had mentioned the stamps.)

Finally, I just had to snap this photo of the local PTA (yes...the Parent Teacher Association) and their odd neighbor, the Goose Bumps Adult Fantasy Bar.


JamesF said...

I wonder if anyone has stolen one of those mailboxes yet.

And how was the service at Goose Bumps?

BullBunky said...

Strangely enough, neither Goose bumps nor the PTA cater to me.