Saturday, April 14, 2007

Flying with too many people...

I returned home late last night from a few days in DC attending a conference. The trip certainly had its highlights--a fantastic conference, an all-too-short visit with James and Ginger, a delicious tapas recommendation (Jaleo in DC) from fellow-traveler and co-worker Anders, and fun conversations with my Virginia coworkers who I don't see often.

But there are hard truths of business travel as well. One is that no matter how much you fly, you will still occasionally end up in the back of a full plane. (This plane was FULL of young teenagers heading to or from Spring Break.) Another truth is that the world can look pretty darn similar through your hotel matter the city. (Below, you can check out DC and Atlanta from an "executive level" room. Don't get me could be much worse...I know.)

Regardless...I returned home to my loving partner, a comfy bed with just-right pillows, and a refreshing light rain.

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