Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fox and rabbit...

I flew to Denver this afternoon to begin a week-long road trip. Unfortunately, I arrived at my lovely Hampton Suites room after the sun had fallen below the Rockies, so this taxi view of the airport will have to replace my hotel window photo for today. Plus, the Denver airport is one of my favorites, because of the mountain-peak room of the main terminal.

Tonight, I grabbed a quick dinner at the Old Chicago pizza restaurant near the hotel, sitting in the bar watching bull rodeo. On the way to dinner, I crossed paths with a light-brown fox carrying a rabbit in his mouth. We gave each other the knowing glances of two hungry souls as we scurried past each other.

This nature sighting (and a pizza with a perfect crust) put the finishing touches on a really nice weekend...albeit far too short. The other weekend highlight was my spring photo show at Ft. Mason. I can't show THOSE pictures, because I downloaded them on the computer at home. Suffice it to say, the show was another success. I sold a respectable four photos this the show actually paid for itself for once :)


Matthias Treml said...

Had you met the fox after having rabbit for dinner... well, that would have my me convert to some pagan religion.

Too bad they haven't made cameras inside your eyeglasses yet..

BullBunky said...

Its funny. I normally carry my camera to dinner with me, but this trip I have my SLR and didn't want to lug it across an "uninteresting" parking lot. I was kicking myself!!