Friday, August 15, 2008

Dallas ups and downs...

My trip to Dallas had all the trappings of a typical business trip...the good parts revolved around good food with close coworkers...the bad parts involved boring hotels and infuriating flying...I will leave them for a future rant...I am home and relaxed :)

One highlight was our dinner Wednesday night at a quirky, local fried chicken joint named Bubba's. Annette pointed out this Southern Living favorite, and we were not disappointed. Crispy fried chicken; sweet rolls; rich mashed potatoes and gravy; and perfect southern-style green beans my dad would be proud of. A big YUM.

Drinks that night at the new W hotel, and its trendy ghostbar lounge with 33rd-floor views of the city. I had a refreshing muddled mandarin orange drink.

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