Sunday, August 24, 2008

Target takes its toll...and yes, I use the s-word...twice...

Some days, you just regret leaving the house :(

On Sunday afternoon, Jeff and I decided to venture into South San Francisco to pick up some items at Target. I mean really, who can resist those hip, colorful, Beatles-driven Target ads.

After we patiently navigated the parking lot of lost souls, we approached the store's glass sliding doors...unaware of the chaos within. The doors parted and we entered Back To School Hell. Screaming children everywhere. And more Chinese-made shit than anyone could possibly need. (To be fair...Target has AWESOME Chinese-made shit :)

We tried to seek respite in a store in the adjoining mall, but the slow walkers and teenage slackers were out in force, and the diversion only made moods worse.

We left without buying anything at Target. Nothing, nothing, NOTHING is worth that pain.

To make matters worse, a rock was kicked up off the freeway on the drive, and I now have a crack gleefully making its way across my windshield.

Sigh...I could have bought razors at Safeway.


CAPT_Sawyer said...

Get that fixed before the entire windshield gives way!!!!

BullBunky said...

Oh, I think the widshield is toast...but we are trying to save it.

Ray said...

We've talked about it, John. Stay clear of the Chinese-made sh*t whenever possible. Trust me, you'll be happier or go out and get yourself a latte (hopefully not chinese coffee beans).LOL.