Friday, August 22, 2008

Seattle and back again...

I had a very pleasant trip to Seattle this week, with only the minor irritant of getting rained on Tuesday night. But the rain in Seattle is carries the intoxicating smell of evergreen trees.

As loyal readers know, food is always a central theme of my work trips, and this visit to Seattle was no exception. From a scrumptious Ham and Gruyere Feuillette at Belle Epicurean for breakfast, to a just-right steak sandwich for lunch, capped off with an amazing flank steak and bread pudding from Majorie in Belltown. Oh yes, and on Thursday morning, I treated for donuts from Top Pot!!

For my hotel window of the week, I present my lovely view from the Seattle Westin. I arrived early from the airport, so I got an "available room", which was on a low low floor. Still, its no biggie...I like the variety...and it adds to the "suffering" theme my hotel series seems to be perpetuating. Oh, who needs a view of the Sound anyway?

And of course, once again, my flight home was plagued with delays. A little over two hours this time. I got a nice apology email from United and 5000 forgive-us miles. I like it when they kiss up. :)

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