Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The definition of "executive"...

I have this uncanny ability to visit hotels just prior to major renovations. Case in point...the Sheraton Dallas, where I am staying this week. When you step into the pink-and-teal carpeted lobby, or the cheap wood paneled elevators, you can tell this hotel is in need of an update. But my hopes were raised when the fake bronze/plastic sign on room read "Executive Suite"! What magic number had I drawn to get "upgraded"?

Well, I would hate to see the non-executive rooms. This plain room is severely dated with no signs of any modern conveniences. Oh wait, they did place a shaving kit--a cheap plastic shaving kit--in the bathroom. I suppose their research has shown that most executives don't travel with razors?

Ah well...I hear that they are starting a renovation soon. Great timing.

One irritating "convenience" that I hope is not the start of a trend. When I plugged my laptio into the room Internet connection, I had the option of paying $9.99 for their basic rate Internet, or getting two levels of higher speed access for an addition $5 or $10 on top of the base rate. Are you kidding...this is expensive enough for 24hours of access...of which I use about 2 hours.

Pooh. I'm heading to Starbucks. At least I get a yummy latte while I'm being gouged :)

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JamesF said...

And Starbucks has free Wi-Fi doesn't it?